WINNIPEG -- A restaurant in Dauphin, Man., is the latest to close and receive a fine for violating the province's COVID-19 public health orders.

According to the province, Sung's Restaurant was closed on May 5 for "Failure to comply with the special measures prescribed in the Order issued by Chief Public Health Officer, effective May 4, 2020."

The restaurant was fined $486, and was closed on May 5. There is no current date for reopening.

The province has fined multiple businesses since April for public health order violations. Sung's Restaurant is the first business outside of Winnipeg to receive a fine under the new orders.

Since April 20, six Winnipeg businesses have received fines from the province and closed due to violating public health orders.

The businesses fined include nail salons California Nails and Ruby Nail Bar, restaurant JT's Club, personal service establishments Thi Bui and Beauty Infinity, and body rub parlour Executive Bath. The businesses have received fines ranging from $486 to $2,542.

None of the businesses have reopened.