Manitoba Health is expanding surveillance for blacklegged ticks - the ones that can carry Lyme disease - in Riding Mountain National Park.

It comes after Parks Canada submitted 27 blacklegged ticks to the province last fall for Lyme disease testing.

Manitoba Health said some of those ticks tested positive for Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria which causes Lyme disease.

"In the past number of years we have seen more black legged ticks in the province and in more areas," said Richard Baydack with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living.

Baydack explained that the province still has to investigate the Riding Mountain area.

"We haven't been able to get out there yet based on things like weather and logistics but it is on our list of areas to do active surveillance," he added.

Meanwhile a Minnedosa veterinarian says it should be.

Doctor Troy Gowan said he has diagnosed dozens of dogs with Lyme Disease in the last four years, ones that have contracted the disease while visiting Riding Mountain National Park.

"We definitely do see it here with a regular enough frequency to say that it is here and that people should be aware," said Gowan.