Brandon Mayor Shari Decter Hirst has issued an apology for comments she made to Coun. Stephen Montague last week.

News surfaced that Hirst had threatened Montague at a meeting and calls arose for her to apologize for remarks.

“If you ever show disregard with that microphone on again, I will slap you on the back of the head so hard your head will spin,” Hirst told Montague at a meeting last Monday.

“This past Friday, with other members of Council in attendance, I met with and extended to Councillor Montague my heartfelt and sincere apology for my aggressive verbal behaviour where I threatened him following Monday's Council meeting,” said Hirst in a statement.

“It was absolutely unacceptable behaviour and an egregious lapse of judgement on my part," said Hirst.  "I let my anger rule my actions, something that I have taught my children is never acceptable. Councillor Montague was gracious enough to accept my apology. I have also accepted his assurances that he did not use un parliamentarian language. Councillor Montague and I are committed to restoring the professional decorum in our Council Chamber and will work together in the best interests of Brandon.”