The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) is preparing for the looming cannabis legalization by informing Manitobans about the new laws.

On Tuesday, it launched its ‘Can and Can’t of Cannabis’ campaign. Some messages it’s sharing include, “You can’t smoke or vape cannabis in public,” and, “You must be 19+ years old to buy or consume cannabis in Manitoba.”

The LGCA will regulate retail cannabis stores in the province and in addition to licensing and compliance responsibilities, it is also mandated to develop and support social responsibility initiatives and programs.

“Public education is key for public safety,” said Liz Stephenson, chief administrative officer of the LGCA in a release. “Campaigns like this will help us get factual information to Manitobans aged 19 and older who may choose to use this product legally.”

The LGCA said it will launch a second campaign shortly before legalization outlining responsible use strategies.

“The legalization of cannabis is a significant challenge for the Manitoba government,” said Justice Minister Cliff Cullen in a release. “In addition to keeping cannabis out of the hands of our kids and away from the black market, it is our job to make sure Manitobans are prepared with the information they need to make responsible choices.”

Cannabis will become legal across Canada on Oct. 17, 2018.