WINNIPEG -- Manitoba health officials announced no new cases of COVID-19, and say the number of recoveries now outnumber active cases.

Dr. Brent Roussin, the chief provincial public health officer, made the announcement during a Friday afternoon news conference.

Manitoba’s total cases sit at 250. Of those cases, 132 are listed as recovered, while 113 are considered active cases.

“The recent numbers in Manitoba were showing we were never helpless against this virus, that we put measures into place, and all Manitobans stepped up to help limit the spread of this virus,” Roussin said. “While we should be cautiously optimistic to see the numbers of this last week, it is too soon for us to let up on our efforts to continue to interrupt the spread of this virus.”

Five deaths have been recorded since the first case was announced on March 12. Eight people remain hospitalized, with four people in intensive care.

Cadham Provincial Laboratory performed 508 tests on Thursday. Since February, a total of 18,856 tests have been performed.

Friday is also the first-day travel restrictions to communities north of the 53rd parallel in Manitoba came into effect.


Roussin once again reiterated the call for Manitobans to continue physical distancing.

While answering a question about residents hosting driveway parties, Roussin said the easiest plan is to stay home with the people who live in your home.

“If you had a few people over, if you were able to have that physical distancing outside, that is certainly reducing the risk,” he said. “But again, all of those scenarios are difficult to give specific advice for every possible eventuality, so if it starts getting up at 10, it remains more difficult to maintain that social distancing. So, the advice is, for the most part, stay home, stay near your home, certainly enjoy the outdoors, but try and do whatever you can to have that physical distancing.”


During the conference, Roussin clarified a health announcement regarding appliance stores and furniture stores that sell appliances.

On Thursday, Roussin said the stores could only be open if customers were picking up purchases.

On Friday, he said the stores can remain open if physical distancing measures are being followed.