It has stood in Osborne Village for more than 100 years, now a former heritage building may not be around too much longer.

A developer wants to bulldoze Dennistoun House – and three other properties – to build a 78-unit development.

On its website, the developer said infill projects like this one are the most environmentally-supported form of urban housing.

It added more people will mean more business opportunities, and the Osborne Village Biz agrees.

"We have a mixture of new restaurants and boutiques opening on almost a monthly basis in the village and I think the more people we have living in our community, the better," said Stephanie Meilleur with the biz.

Not everyone, however, is convinced.

Graham Evans lives in one of the homes that could be demolished and worries what could happen if he had to leave.

"I'd have to find another place to live of course, which is hard to find in the village, and certainly hard to find of this caliber at this price,” said Evans.

Heritage Winnipeg would also like the house to be saved.

Built in 1908, Dennistoun House was once on the City of Winnipeg’s buildings conservation list; but in 2009, it was taken off to pave the way for possible development.

"This is a functional heritage property. It's not derelict, it's not vacant. So for me, progress is protecting properties like this,” said Cindy Tugwell with Heritage Winnipeg.

The city centre community committee approved the developer's application Wednesday night.

The application to consolidate the properties must still go before full city council for final approval and the developer must also secure a zoning variance.