Jets super fan Isabelle McCaffrey was able to attend the first NHL game of her life Sunday after two strangers offered to take her free of charge.

The senior has always wanted to attend a game, but never had the means to do so.

She met Danny Lavigne and Steve Kush from Pine Falls by chance after a game last week in a local restaurant. Lavigne and Kush offered to take McCaffrey to a game after hearing of her passion for the team.

"We were just blown away by what she knew about hockey, and she's never been to a game, we just thought, you know, act of kindness, thought we could help her out,” said Lavigne.

The pair drove into Winnipeg to meet up with McCaffrey Sunday and brought her a Jets jersey to wear to the game.

“I'm very blessed. It's fate that brought us together,” McCaffrey said. “You know, it's not very many young men who would take up an old lady.”

Kush won't be watching the game from the rink tonight as he gave up his ticket for McCaffrey.

As for McCaffrey, she says she's looking forward to seeing Patrick Laine play.