WINNIPEG -- Some residents in Charleswood are concerned about what a proposed 10-storey building development in their neighbourhood could mean for traffic, safety and their green space.

For more than 20 years, Monica DuBois and her family have lived on the same side of the street as a green space, separated by a few trees.

DuBois said they enjoy the quiet and the wild life, but she is worried that could change if the proposed development gets the go-ahead.

“This area right here is what is considered the gateway to Charleswood and it’s very peaceful and very serene and it would completely destroy this beautiful setting that we have here,” she said.

The 10-storey building proposed to go up at 4025 Roblin Blvd. would include more than 200 new rental units, and could bring upwards of 300 more vehicles driving into the area with its above and below-ground parking lots.

According to the plans, there will only be one access road.

“The developers have hired a person to consult with the stakeholders. However the result has been that the stakeholders, which are all of the immediate houses surrounding plus the condos in behind, are in unanimous opposition to this project,” said DuBois.

Brent Horrill is the board director of Assiniboine Links – a 55-plus community that sits behind the proposed area. He said the community doesn’t want the project to move forward.

“Charleswood is unique, it's like the country inside the city," he said. "We’ve got ditches here, we’ve got deer, in fact they are just wandering around now. We’ve got a lot of those things which a lot of neighbourhoods don’t,” he said.

Winnipeg city councillor Kevin Klein represents the area and said it's important to listen to area residents.

“Upon review and discussions with residents, this is trying to put a square peg into a round hole,” said Klein.

Donovan Toews, who is part of the planning consultant team from Landmark Planning and Design Inc., said the process of working towards development and with residents is lengthy.

“Once we figure out what could be built, we submit an application to the City of Winnipeg which eventually arrives at a public hearing,” said Toews.

The area would have to be rezoned to accommodate the development.

DuBois said if the project goes ahead, she will move out of the neighbourhood.

The City of Winnipeg told CTV News it has yet to receive a formal development application for the property located at 4025 Roblin Blvd.