A butcher in Winnipeg’s North End says his business is taking a hit because of city rules.

Scott Duheme has owned Jakob’s Meats on Redwood Ave. since 1992. After taking a few years off, he had to rebuild his clientele.

Because mobile signs are not allowed on Redwood, one was erected on Arlington St. property instead, directing people to his business.

The city stepped in and said the sign couldn’t advertise his business if it wasn’t located on his property, and that it must come down.

“I think in some cases small businesses like myself, off the beaten path, there can be an exception made,” said Duheme. “They still get money for the permits.”

Duheme believes a company should be able to decide what message they put on their sign.

Since the sign was taken down, Duheme says he’s seen a decrease in business.

The city says the property on Redwood is not zoned to allow mobile signs.