WINNIPEG -- A community group in Winnipeg’s North End is launching a new campaign aimed at fighting what it calls vaccine “misinformation.” 

Michelle Kirkbride of Norwest Co-op Community Health said COVID-19 cannot be controlled if vaccines don’t get into people’s arms.

She said having the right information helps those deciding whether to be vaccinated make an informed decision.

“We’re not going to necessarily change people’s minds from being anti-vax to being pro-vaccine all of a sudden. We’re really looking at people who might be vaccine-hesitant,” Kirkbride said.

Kirkbride said people may be hesitant because they aren’t sure whether information that is widely available online is from a credible source.

“That’s probably the biggest hurdle that we’re facing is that people are looking for information, they’re looking for leaders,” said Kirkbride.

Norwest’s campaign to address concerns around the COVID-19 vaccine with accurate information will be delivered to their clients and the public through social media posts and interactive sessions.