You could call it yoga but with a twist.

It's Joga - or yoga for jocks.

Toronto based yoga instructor Jana Webb has worked with NHL and CFL players and developed the series with athletes in mind.

"It's very fast paced. It's very movement based,” she said, “It's challenging. It recoups different muscle groups than a traditional yoga class."

Webb was recently teaching instructors at Winnipeg’s Yoga Public on the practice, and recruited some professional hockey players to take the class as well.

AHL defenceman James Martin has some prior experience with yoga.

"In the couple of times I've done it. It's pretty relaxing and you loosen up," he said.

A few minutes into the class Martin, and his fellow hockey buddies looked anything but relaxed.

Webb says it can sometimes be a challenge convincing athletes, especially men, that Joga can actually benefit them.

"Once I get the time with them they start to feel these results in their body. They feel stronger and more agile," she said.

After the 30 minute Joga class, Martin said it was definitely more strenuous than he expected.

"It was pretty tough,” he said. “It was a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be, as you can see we worked up a pretty good sweat.”

Webb says even though Joga makes even athletes sweat, the practice is actually for everyone.

But she says people should consult a physician before starting any new fitness program.

“There's nothing fancy about the program. My goal is impact people and to help people stay healthy,” she said.

For the month of June, Joga will be offered at Yoga Public on a donation basis with all money going to high school athletic teams.

- with a report from Karen Rocznik