A city councillor is pushing for Winnipeg to speed up work toward a road safety strategy.

Coun. Janice Lukes said she had to call the City of Winnipeg's public works department to get cross walk and stop lines painted at Kenaston Boulevard and McGillivray Boulevard, an intersection considered the second worst in Winnipeg for collisions.

"If we can accelerate the road program to build roads, we can accelerate the road safety strategy," said Lukes, adding that she believes construction and road repair is important -- but it has to go hand in hand with other maintenance.

“We are investing, this council over the last 5 years, hundreds of millions of dollars in road infrastructure yet we are not taking care of some of the basic elements of engineering design in a road,” she said.

Lukes said one of the problems is that council has not received a report on the results of a two-year pilot project to improve safety at Kenaston and McGillivray.

She's seeking that data -- and for council to move faster with its road safety plan and vision for zero injuries and fatalities.

Lukes says a similar approach that started in Sweden in 1997 is not just about engineering -- but also education, enforcement and a change in the way we think about road work and how we drive.