There's a crowded race in Transcona for city councillor.

Eight people are vying to replace long-time city councillor Russ Wyatt who won't be seeking re-election.

Steve Lipischak has been a marketing director for an automotive dealership for 13 years. He wants to have open communication with the neighbourhoods.

Lipischak said the big issues are crime, roads and whether to open Portage and Main.

"I am for whatever Transcona wants but I think we have a lot more to spend money on other than Portage and Main at this time,"  Lipischak said.

Wally Welechenko is not in favour of opening Portage and Main for practical and financial reasons.

He ran for mayor against Glen Murray in the late 1990s.

This time around he said his experience running and owning businesses will bring efficiency to the city and would like to see more accountability when it comes to crime.

“I just want to make sure Transcona moves in a positive direction,” Welechenko said.

“There’s lots to do. Every area of Transcona has different issues. They are all different, but they are all important,” he said.

Consultant and hunter Raymond Ulasy, who ran for city councillor in 2014, is also taking another go at being elected.

He was arrested on two weapons charges later that year, which he says were stayed.

"I pled guilty to attempted transfer of firearm without authorization so I received a 12 month prohibition of firearms,” he said in a phone interview with CTV News.

Ulasy said he would be an experienced voice at city hall and if elected  would focus on transit, infrastructure and seniors.

Shane Geschiere who has a background in emergency services and healthcare said he’s mostly hearing concerns about crime.

“A lot of people can’t put stuff out any more, they get robbed, taken out of their property or their cars now,” said Geschiere.

He said a ‘Bear Clan Patrol’ type solution could work in the worst hit areas.

Registered nurse Basil Evan said he has experience working with families and teams.

“To make sure we put the right tools, the right resources in the hands of the workers so they can do that job of taking care of people,” said Evan who is a quality improvement officer with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority's critical care program.

“We've got the need for improved transit, snow clearing issues. Even brown water issues."

Transcona resident Sandeep Sharma said he has strong political knowledge and having lived in the area for three years, knows it well.

"Wellness centre, I do not find any wellness centre here and there are lots of issues regarding roads and construction work needed in the streets," he said.

Shawn Nason is a father of two young children. He said he wants to make Transcona an even better place for families and is focusing on community, safety, infrastructure and accessibility.

Alex Allard is a retired police officer. He said he'd be better prepared  to address issues around crime prevention and personal safety if he took office.

Chad Panting, although still listed on the city's website as a registered candidate, tells CTV News he is no longer running. 

A list of nominated candidates can be found here.

Voters in Transcona will make their choices for city councillor, along with Winnipeggers on election day, Oct. 24.