Conservationists in Manitoba have issued a call to stop Manitoba’s declining moose population.

The Manitoba chapter of The Wildlife Society has written a letter to the province urging for a detailed, comprehensive management plan.

The society says moose have declined rapidly in the last 12 years. It says the population went from a historical high of 45,000 to less than 20,000.

Hunting and road construction are two factors, in addition to disease.

"White tail (deer) carry a disease called brain worm, which they survive with quite well, but is decimating moose and caribou in southern Manitoba," said Jack Dubois of The Wildlife Society.

The society is calling on the province to invest more money to protect moose from depopulation.

In October, the provincial government announced it had closed moose hunting for all hunters in two Game Hunting Areas in the Turtle Mountain Area, GHA 29 and 29A. It also closed hunting for non-indigenous and Métis hunters in GHA 19A east of Duck Mountain.

It said the moves were necessary to stop the declining moose population.