WINNIPEG -- Mikki the two-year-old border collie is being reunited with her owner after being dog-napped in an alleged car theft.

Mary Perron, Mikki's owner, is picking her up at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, almost two days after the incident first happened.

"Some people phoned me, they found her, they opened their door and she just ran in," Perron said. "I could have ran outside in the snow and just screamed with happiness."

Mikki went missing after Perron's car was allegedly stolen on Thursday night.

Perron was running errands when she pulled over to help a stalled car. Jumper cables didn't start the car, so she offered to give the three stranded people a ride.

After stopping in at a store to buy something, she came back out to find her car, and more importantly, Mikki missing.

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Perron says she was flooded with emotions when the call about Mikki came in. She says she felt, "A little overwhelmed, a little excited."

"Everybody that helped me, I'm just so thankful. You'll never know how thankful I am," she said.

As for Mikki, Perron says she can expected to have lots of hugs in the near future.

"I'll give her anything she wants and I'm sure she'll be crying when she gets here," said Perron.