A winter storm is making its way across Eastern Canada and parts of the United States.

Three people have died as a result of the conditions.  It’s dumped about 20 cenitmetres of snow,and forced the cancellation of flights across the country.

Anyone heading east will likely find themselves grounded because of the storm.

Vanessa Stachiw is one of many affected travelers.

“I found out that my flight from Montreal to New York was cancelled until Sunday,” she told CTV News. “They were able to squeeze me onto something for Saturday but it doesn't look like it'll go.”

James Richardson International Airport spokesperson Breanne Talbot says people should check the airport website if they have travel plans this weekend, especially if the destination is Toronto or Ottawa.

There has also been some light hearted ribbing about people complaining about the storm, because Manitobans are used to this kind of weather. Many people are using social media to tell Torontonians to toughen up. Some are fighting back with tweets like “Toronto can’t handle the snow like Winnipeg, but Toronto sure can handle Winnipeg on ice,” referring to the Jets’ Thursday night loss to the Leafs.