UPDATE: George Myer’s daughter, Kathryn Braun, says her father had a biopsy on Friday to determine whether not not he has cancer.

He had been waiting since mid-September for the test.

Braun says her dad expects to get the results of the test in about two weeks


EARLIER: The daughter of an elderly Winnipeg man, who suspects her father has cancer, is speaking out about health-care wait times.

Kathryn Braun’s 81-year-old father is awaiting a biopsy to determine if a growth on his right lung is cancerous.

Adding to their frustration – an approximately 60-hour wait in an emergency room for readmission into hospital on Christmas night.

"My dad feels that he is being forgotten about,” said Braun, standing with Liberal health critic Jon Gerrard inside the Manitoba Legislative Building. “He's being ignored and neglected."

Braun said it all started on Sept.13 when her father, George Myer, fell at home and went to the hospital where he had a CT scan and MRI the next day -- tests which Braun said led to the discovery of a growth on the upper lobe of Myer’s right lung.

She said ever since that visit, nearly four months ago, her father has been waiting for a biopsy.

"My dad doesn't have that kind of time,” she said.

The family's concerns were brought to the attention of Gerrard.

He said Myer's biopsy should've happened within two months of the hospital visit.

"The tissue diagnosis is absolutely critical for developing a care plan,” Gerrard told reporters. “It’s completely unacceptable that somebody should be sitting in limbo for this length of time.”

Myer remained in hospital for three months after his fall and was discharged on Dec. 19.

He started feeling weak just four days later and returned to Seven Oaks on Dec. 25.

Myer’s daughter said her dad spent two and a half days in the emergency room waiting to be readmitted to hospital.

"He sat there for almost 60 hours on a stretcher," said Braun. "He wasn't being repositioned, he was unable to move on that stretcher very well by himself. He had missed medications while he was in there."

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority said in a statement Seven Oaks Hospital was previously in contact with Myer and his family in order to review the timelines and care he received while in the emergency department at the hospital.

“In addition, we are currently making arrangements to meet with Mr. Myer and the family to review his entire care situation which includes the time preceding his current hospital stay,” the statement reads.

In the meantime, Braun said her father, who also lives with diabetes and peripheral vascular disease, feels helpless.

She said his health is deteriorating and she's concerned the suspected cancer could be spreading.

"My dad, he said he will fight with whatever tools he's given to fight with but nobody's giving him the tools and in order to have those tools he needs the biopsy,” said Braun.

Health Minister Cameron Friesen said in a statement his concerns are with the family during this difficult time.

“I have been assured the WRHA has made contact with the family and will continue to meet to ensure issues are addressed and Mr. Myer receives the appropriate care he needs,” the statement reads.