A Flin Flon man is $1 million richer after choosing the lucky card in Chase the Ace on Saturday night in The Pas.

The Royal Canadian Legion located in The Pas began its Chase the Ace over a year ago with the jackpot reaching just over $1 million,

Chase the Ace is a lottery where the jackpot accumulates week-to-week. The lottery winner draws from a deck of cards and wins the accumulated money if they pick the ace of spades.

People have been making the trip to The Pas every week hoping to be the lucky winner. Brad Slugoski was one of those people and ultimately his travels paid off when he pulled the ace. 

“Oh, everybody was really excited,” said Linda Kuhl the branch manager at the Royal Canadian Legion.

“There was a thousand people hoping that their ticket came out of the bucket. With only three cards, there’s, you know, a 33 per cent chance you’re going home a millionaire. So yeah, the excitement was there. They were having a great time.”

According to Kuhl, Slugoski is weeks away from retirement and plans on sharing his winnings with his brother.

The Pas’ Royal Canadian legion plans to kick off another Chase the Ace in the fall. The jackpot will begin at close to $240,000.