WINNIPEG -- A small number of Manitobans have experienced adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine, according to health officials.

In Wednesday’s COVID-19 media briefing, provincial health officials announced four Manitobans have experienced adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccination.

Of the four cases, two required emergency room visits, one of whom has fully recovered and details have yet to be released on the other.

The remaining two cases didn’t require any further care.

The province did not specify which vaccine - the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine - was given to these Manitobans.

Dr. Joss Reimer, medical officer of health and a member of Manitoba's COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Task Force, said adverse reactions are quite rare but are expected in every immunization campaign.

“The events that we count are those that are either unexpected for what typically we see as reaction to the vaccine or they're more serious than what we typically see," she said.

"They may or may not actually be related to the immunization but they occur in timing after that vaccine is given."

There are known possible allergic reactions to the vaccine, which is why people are asked to remain on-site after their shot. If a reaction were to occur, there are trained professionals on-site to help.

Reimer said if people have any concerns about getting the vaccine, they should talk to their health-care provider.

“We know that there are some people, including health care workers who have questions about this vaccine, as well as other vaccines. But I think we can all recognize the effect of COVID and how important this vaccine really is to Manitobans,” Reimer said.

“Our key message is that if you are eligible to be immunized right now. Please go and do so.”