The Winnipeg Fringe Festival is known for its array of wacky and outrageous performers, but one performance has some festival goers questioning when edgy crosses into obscene.

"It's something that people are going to have to mull over for a long time because it is intense, and we want it to be intense," said Doug Melnyk, one of the performers in the two-man act Hollywood Hen Pit.

The 90 minute show has drawn criticism because it includes enemas with food products and defecation.

"I thought it was disgusting," said audience member Laura Studney.

The performers say they expect that kind of reaction from some people. “That's not really a surprise to us because of the kind of imagery that's working. We know that's unusual to see nudity and the enemas…and other sorts of things like that,” said Melnyk.

Many people say that is the sort of performance art they seek out at the fringe festival. "I like things that seem a little bit different or a little bit out there,” said Kayla Huggland. “That's what the Fringe is about."

The Fringe Festival runs until July 28.

- With a report by Ben Miljure