A Winnipeg head shop is back in business after the owner was arrested for selling pipes and bongs.

"There's a thousand-plus shops like ours throughout Canada,” said Jeremy Loewen.

He has been selling the products at Hemp Haven in Elmwood without incident for more than 12 years.

He said he was shocked Winnipeg police made him the target of a sting operation.

He said he is facing a charge of "selling instruments for illicit drug use.” He says he plans to fight it.

""The community is outraged, appalled, dumbfounded, and mystified as to what's going on,” said Loewen. “Nobody understands this."

A police source told CTV News officers were concerned products were being sold to minors but Loewen denies that.

Loewen’s lawyer said this section of the Criminal Code has not been successfully prosecuted in Canada since 1998.