WINNIPEG - As Winnipeg continues to clean-up from a storm that devastated over 10 per cent of the city’s tree canopy, the City of Toronto is sending over crews to help out.

On Sunday, Toronto Mayor John Tory, along with the city’s fire chief, and forestry recreation general manager, sent off urban forestry crews to Winnipeg. A news release from Toronto, said the helping hand comes in response to the states of emergency, declared by both the Province of Manitoba, and the City of Winnipeg.

“For me, it’s a very proud moment when we can make that statement that I think most Torontonians would make, which is yes we are Torontonians, but we are Canadians first,” Tory said at a press conference in Toronto Sunday morning. “We can go to the help of another Canadian city far away, but not too far away to help. These people are going to get to go on quite an epic journey.”

Tory said he texted Mayor Brian Bowman in the days following the storm, offering his city's support.

A spokesperson with the city said they are expecting 10 crews, along with their equipment, to arrive in Winnipeg on Tuesday, and will start work on Wednesday.

"The (Winnipeg) Mayor thanks the City of Toronto and Mayor Tory for sending resources to Winnipeg to help support the cleanup efforts," a spokesperson for Bowman said in a written comment. "Winnipeg is very appreciative to other communities for lending a helping hand."

Bowman also thanked Toronto via Twitter, saying “Winnipegger’s greatly appreciate your support.”

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