Hockey Winnipeg has announced a three-year ban for a couple involved in an altercation at a child's hockey tournament in Fargo, N.D. in February.

A person with knowledge of the trip told CTV News the game got violent early on, despite the players being only eight years old.

Hockey Winnipeg said a set of parents from the River East Royals entered the dressing room of the Selkirk Steelers following the game and a physical altercation with the coaches ensued, all while kids looked on.

Don McIntosh from Hockey Winnipeg said it's one of the key reasons the three-year ban was handed out.

"These are eight-year-old kids. That's a safe place. That's their dressing room. They put their skates on there,” he said.

It's the lengthiest ban Hockey Winnipeg has ever imposed on parents - barring them from all games and practices. It's a move McIntosh hopes will set a benchmark for future disciplinary actions.

"It will be a measuring stick for similar instances in the future,” said McIntosh.

Hockey Winnipeg said the ban does not impact the child, who is still allowed to play hockey.

The parents have told Hockey Winnipeg they plan to appeal the three-year ban.