WINNIPEG -- The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority said community health services, including home care, might be cancelled or delayed over the next few days because of the storm.

According to the WRHA, weather-related service issues will depend on the severity of the storm and how it impacts transportation and access to clients, though it will try to maintain the existing schedule.

If someone’s visit is delayed or cancelled, they will be called and told of the change. The WRHA said the nature of the service will determine whether it’s delayed, rescheduled or cancelled.

Anyone who’d like to postpone or cancel their visit should contact their case coordinator, nurse or the after-hours service line. Home care clients should consider coming up with back-up plans with family or friends.

The WRHA expects service to resume as usual once the storm ends.

Cancelled schools

Buses and classes are cancelled Thursday afternoon in the Prairie Rose School Division. The schools are billeting the students.