WINNIPEG -- With temperatures dipping close to the -50 level thanks to the wind chill in Winnipeg, CAA drivers are out in full force helping those who are stranded.

The latest numbers for Monday shows that CAA has already responded to 391 calls.

On top of that, there are still another 197 active calls that the company is trying to complete.

The average wait time for Winnipeggers who need CAA's help is around 49 minutes.

Now for those who are currently having problems with their vehicles while they are at home, they might be out of luck if they try to get assistance.

CAA said it is currently focusing on roadside assistance for those who are stuck in unsafe conditions. At-home services have been temporarily suspended.

On Sunday, CAA rescued around 1,200 members.

Most of Manitoba is currently dealing with a deep freeze thanks to some cold air that is sitting on top of the province.

There is an extreme cold warning in effect for the Winnipeg area and temperatures are expected to be between -40 and -50 Celsius with the wind chill.

It isn't looking much better for the rest of the week either as weather experts expect the cold conditions to stay until the end of the week.

- With files from CTV's Simon Stones.