WINNIPEG -- As the Winnipeg Region becomes code red on the province's Pandemic Response System, CTV News took to the streets to see how Winnipeggers are feeling.

Running errands and going for afternoon strolls, masked pedestrians in Osborne Village had a lot to say about the new restrictions announced just hours before.

"I'm really worried," said Ashley Wiebe, who was walking home from work, "I hear the hospitals are almost at capacity and that's not even counting accidents and snow just started."

To some, the spike in cases and the move to red come as a surprise.

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"It's quite shocking actually, so I hope everyone just follows the rules and stays safe," said Mercedes Dobler, who was walking in the area.

But to Wiebe, the rise in cases isn't surprising. 

"I take Winnipeg Transit which I see at least one person a day on the bus with no mask on," said Wiebe 

With new restrictions affecting retailers and restaurants, many Winnipeggers are worried about work.

"It's tragic," said Hiatt Abendschone, who thought restrictions should have come sooner. "I work in the service industry and my hours were already cut and now I'm not going to be working at all. If we had just been a little more careful earlier on, we probably could have stayed open." 

"It's the right move, but it worries because I'm on my way to work at a hotel," said Kristin St. Onge, who was heading to work. "So that scares me because it might close down again and I'll be out of the job." 

St. Onge said she was out of work for four months last time she was laid off because of COVID-19.

She's not the only one getting ready for some financial hardship.

"I think everybody, we need to work and keep our city moving, so I think maybe we need precautions with taking care of COVID-19, but it's hard to have a city that's not moving forward economically," said Garett Peetch, who is concerned the restrictions will hurt small business. 

A number of Winnipeggers CTV News spoke with are in favour of the new restrictions, with many hoping they'll curb the spread.

"I think it's a good idea," said Dobler. "We did really well in June with no cases, so I think we just have to get back to that, I hope." 

In a CTV News Winnipeg web poll, 64 per cent answered that the restrictions are coming too late, 19 per cent said the restrictions are coming at the right time, and 17 per cent said the restrictions aren't needed.

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Along with concerns, many Winnipeggers CTV News spoke with also offered messages of hope.

"Stay strong out there guys, we are going to get through this," said Abendschone. "Be careful and take care of one another." 

"Keep wearing your mask and follow the rules and it should get better," Wiebe said.

"Stay in your bubble, stay home, wash your hands and stay positive," said Dobler.

The new code red restrictions for the Winnipeg Region will take effect on Monday.