A city committee says it’s in favour of granting heritage status to one of Winnipeg’s most notable buildings -- the downtown Hudson’s Bay building.

The city’s historical buildings and resources committee voted unanimously to push the 93-year-old building's nomination to the city's list of historical resources at a special meeting on Tuesday.

It was the second time the recommendation was voted through the committee after a voting mistake in a previous meeting.

The city said the heritage designation aims to preserve the six-storey building’s limestone clad structure, the canopy running along the east, west and north facades and many interior features.

Cindy Tugwell, executive director of Heritage Winnipeg, said she applauds the favourable votes to help gain the status.

“All of the unique character defining elements within the exterior and interior can never be replicated again,” Tugwell said.

She said a historical designation will help evade any potential demolition in the future, but more tenants would be even greater insurance.

“You can have heritage buildings and say, ‘we want to save them’ but they’re only truly going to be saved if they’re occupied and part of the local community and economy,” Tugwell said.

CTV News reached out to Hudson's Bay Company, which declined the request for an interview.

The nomination will move forward to the standing policy committee on property and development at a later date.