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Hydration stations, cooling areas available during high heat in Winnipeg


As high heat prepares to make its way to Winnipeg, the city is preparing several options to help people stay cool.

The city said leisure centres and libraries are available as cooling areas to give relief from the heat and give people access to clean water during operation hours.

In addition to the libraries and leisure centres, Bronx Park Community Centre, East Elmwood Community Centre, Lord Roberts Community Centre, Luxton Community Centre, and Riverview Community Centre are also available as cooling centres during select hours. Residents are asked to call the centres for the correct times.

For those unable to make it to a cooling centre, eight hydration stations are setup throughout the city to give people access to clean water.

The stations are located at

  • 470 Selkirk Avenue;
  • 185 Young Street;
  • Southwest corner of Stella Avenue and Main Street;
  • Northeast corner of Princess Street and Henry Avenue;
  • 369 Furby Street;
  • Southeast corner of Roslyn Road and Osborne Street;
  • Southeast corner of Maryland Street and Ellice Avenue; and
  • 190 Disraeli Freeway;

Winnipeggers are reminded to stay hydrated during the heat, stay in the shade when possible, and ensure kids and pets aren’t left alone in vehicles on hot days. Top Stories


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