An expectant mother got an unexpected shock while driving on the Perimeter Highway Wednesday.

CTV's Eleanor Coopsammy had just crossed the northbound bridge Jan. 22 on the west Perimeter when a large metal lamp pole slammed against her windshield.

“The windshield was completely gone and I just remember thinking, 'Who's going to pick up my son and is my baby okay?'” said Coopsammy.

Coopsammy, seven-months pregnant, said she is lucky to be alive and fortunate she and her unborn baby were not seriously injured. Coopsammy had a few minor cuts from the shattered windshield glass.

"I can't believe I'm not decapitated and dead right now. It's a miracle, really,” said Coopsammy.

A witness who stopped to help her said a semi hauling a snow grader on a flatbed and travelling in the opposite direction clipped the lamp pole on the median.

"He got a little too close to the median and the blade hit this pole," said witness Will Dudgeon.

He said the semi driver may not have known he hit the pole.

All police would say Thursday is that there may have been two vehicles involved, likely the semi and Eleanor's vehicle, and add it is an MPI matter.