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'Like he was looking for violence': Man attacked in Winnipeg dog park

Source: City of Winnipeg Source: City of Winnipeg

A Winnipeg man is recovering after being attacked at a St. James dog park Wednesday evening.

It happened at the Bourkevale off-leash dog park around 5:15 p.m.

Dustin, whose last name is being withheld for his safety, had gone with his wife to take their Labrador cross rescue Millie for some exercise.

He said their dog was very high-energy, but that had never been a problem before. "She's a little bit rambunctious," he said. "We were at the dog park, and our dog was playing with another dog that was there. And their owners seemed fine with it."

Dustin said the two dogs began growling at each other - as dogs often do – but before he could step in to separate them, the other owner attacked.

"The other dog's owner had jumped in the air and grabbed onto my dog's throat and pinned her to the ground," Dustin said. "He would not let go. He just kept like growling at me saying 'leash your dog!'"

After about 30 seconds, Dustin said he stepped in to pull the stranger off.

"He turned and jumped face-first into my face, broke my nose, and then pulled a knife out and rammed it up against my neck," said Dustin. "I have a bruise currently on the right side of my neck from the handle of the knife digging in."

Dustin said the man then threatened to stab him. "He's like, 'you want to get poked up?' I said no."

Dustin put his hands up and the attacker backed away, pulling off his belt and continuing to utter threats.

"The other person he was with had grabbed their dog and was trying to get him out," Dustin said, adding that the two then got into their car and drove off.

Dustin went to the hospital to have his broken nose treated. He said his dog is a little sore around the neck, but appears otherwise okay.

Winnipeg police confirm they were called about the incident, but have not yet begun their investigation.

"A call for service was made by the complainant at approximately 5:00 p.m. on August 31 regarding an assault which occurred in the 100 block of Ferry Road at approximately 5:15 p.m. on August 30. The complainant has yet to be interviewed and no information is available," said the WPS in an email to CTV News.

Dustin said he's worried about running into the person again in the neighbourhood. He says he doesn't understand the reason for the attack.

"It was kind of like he was looking for violence." Top Stories

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