A local businessman wants the city's permission to flash drivers in school zones.

Chuck Lewis of Mr. Electric said he's purchased 80 solar powered flashing beacons.

Along with Wise Up Winnipeg, he wants to put the lights up on reduced speed sign poles to warn drivers approaching elementary school zones. Lewis believes it will cost him 20,000 to do this in all of the school zones with reduced speeds.

Lewis says he'll also eat the cost of maintaining the devices.

Following a motion tabled by Coun. John Orlikow (River Heights - Fort Garry Ward), the city is exploring options to make two heavily ticketed intersections a year safer beyond enforcement.

Wise Up Winnipeg has long advocated for speed signs on both sides of the street, longer amber light times and flashing lights.

The city said provincial laws do not allow for this.

“The city does not have any plans to use flashing beacons or other types of traffic control devices that are not prescribed in the provincial regulation pertaining to reduced-speed school zones,” the city said in a statement.