One man is dead from gunshot wounds following a shooting on Saturday at 9:45 a.m. that involved an officer with the Winnipeg Police Service.

Investigators with the Independent Investigation Unit were sent to the scene on Colony Street, which is blocked off with police tape.

Police said the man was taken to hospital in critical condition and later died.

The investigation appears to focus at an apartment building on the west side of the street.

It’s a situation that has some wondering why police have been going in and out of their walkup.

"I've seen nothing until I walked out with my garbage and I saw the mess. I didn't hear any noise or yelling or anything,” said Noelle Bedard.

Marlita Berhe said she left for work at 6:30 a.m., and when she got home around 2 p.m. the tape was up.

“I'm panicking a little bit," said Berhe.

"To be honest I don't know. I just came in. They just told me I can't go in. They don't want to tell me what's going on”.

Residents said officials are speaking with them, but there isn't much information.

"I guess they are going to talk to everybody so that they are not afraid of living there. I'm not afraid to be honest,” said Noella Bedard.

Winnipeg police have not released information about the incident. 

The IIU investigates all serious incidents involving police officers in the province and will release more details on Monday.


This is the third time a man has been shot by police in Winnipeg in 2019.

In January, near Panet Road and Nairn Avenue, the IIU said police shot a 23-year-old man who suffered a minor injury during an incident involving a police pursuit. He was taken to hospital and released.

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The IIU says officers approached a 26-year-old man armed with a weapon near Sargent Avenue and Maryland Street and during the confrontation, police discharged their firearms. He was sent to hospital in critical condition, and later died.

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