WINNIPEG -- A man who stabbed a Winnipeg foster home manager to death will not be eligible for parole for 15 years.

Kane Moar, 23, was found guilty by a jury last September of second-degree murder for the death of Ricardo Hibi.

The sentence carries an automatic life sentence with parole eligibility set between 10 and 25 years.

The Crown argued Moar should not be eligible for 18 years, the defence said it should not be raised beyond ten years.

Justice Vic Toews landed on 15 years calling Moar’s actions brutal and unprovoked.

”He remains a high risk to reoffend violently.” said Toews

Moar, while on parole and facing charges related to a death inside Stony Mountain Institution, went to a foster home on McGee Street in December 2018.

Hibi would not let Moar in, and that is when the Crown says Moar stabbed Hibi three times, puncturing his heart.

Candace Woloshyn, Hibi’s fiancé, said 15 years is not the worst, though she would have wished for 18 years.

“But 15’s better than 10,” she said.

Woloshyn added that she hopes and thinks Moar will serve a true life sentence.

“With his criminal background and record, he’s going to get in trouble again in there, especially when he’s already done it before,” she said.

Agnes Piotrowski, Hibi’s friend, said the 15 years is a small victory, though they still have to face the reality that Hibi is gone.

“A little boy has lost his father and a fiancé has lost her future husband,” she said. “It’s terrible.”

Woloshyn said there was absolutely no reason for Hibi’s death.

“You just try to deal with it day by day,” she said.

“It’s always there. That pain and missing him is always going to be there, and life is completely different now without him around, and that’s always going to stick with us.”

Both Woloshyn and Piotrowski said if Moar ever gets a parole hearing in the future they will be there to oppose his release.

- With files from CTV’s Kayla Rosen