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Manitoba has a new provincial park; here is where you can find it

A map shows the location of Pemmican Island in Manitoba. A map shows the location of Pemmican Island in Manitoba.

Manitobans have a new provincial park they can visit this summer.

Natural Resources and Northern Development Minister Greg Nesbitt announced Tuesday that Pemmican Island on Lake Winnipegosis has officially been designated a provincial park in Manitoba.

“This island will be protected and will remain undeveloped, ensuring that Manitobans are able to enjoy natural sites and Indigenous Peoples have continued access to the area for hunting, trapping, fishing and other traditional pursuits,” Nesbitt said in a news release.

Pemmican Island is located in the north basin of Lake Winnipegosis, approximately 175 kilometres north of Dauphin.

Nesbitt said the designation will protect the island’s ecosystem which includes a number of bird species that are protected by provincial and federal legislation, such as the herring gull and the American white pelican. The island is being classified as a natural park for backcountry land use, meaning any activity that could significantly affect the habitat is banned.

Nesbitt said Pemmican Island is the 93rd provincial park in Manitoba, and was designated following a public consultation period. Top Stories

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