WINNIPEG -- Three more Manitobans with COVID-19 who were transferred to neighbouring provinces for care have died.

According to Shared Health, these deaths include a woman in her 60s who was transported on May 26; a man in his 70s who was transported on May 29; and a man in his 50s who was transported to Ontario on May 30.

This brings the total number of deaths in Manitobans who were transferred out of the province for care to 10. The deaths will be reflected in the province’s official COVID-19 fatality count in the coming days.

In a statement, a Shared Health spokesperson said there are currently 14 patients from Manitoba being treated out of the province, including 13 in Ontario and one in Alberta. Thirty-three patients have returned to Manitoba.

Since May 18, 57 critically ill COVID-19 patients have been sent out of the province, which includes 53 sent to Ontario, two to Alberta and two to Saskatchewan.

As of midnight, there were 138 Manitobans in ICUs, including 124 people in local ICUs for both COVID and non-COVID care, and the 14 patients who were transported out of the province. The province notes that 14 of the COVID-19 patients in ICUs are under the age of 40.

The spokesperson added that the pre-COVID-19 baseline capacity for Manitoba’s critical care program was 72 patients.