A group of Manitoba women are $108,000 richer thanks to a jackpot that was 52 weeks in the making.

Heather Moar drew the elusive ace of spades Saturday evening at the Riverton Motor Inn bar, ending a near year-long game of Chase the Ace in Riverton, Man., a small community in the Interlake.

The Riverton & District Friendship Centre started the game as a fundraiser for an urban-based Aboriginal organization to help pay for bills and programming.

Heather Moar

Moar had entered into the game with three other friends, and they plan to split the money.

“I was the only one that could show up today,” said Moar. We all chipped in, there was four of us, and we did it.”

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Moar added she plans to put some of her share toward her son’s education.

The game originally began with just 20 people and a pot of $8,000.

That crowd grew to about 450 Saturday night when the contest finally came to an end.

Chase the Ace crowd