The Pallister Government is considering a new health care fee that could cost people hundreds of dollars per year.

As part of pre-budget consultations the province is asking Manitobans in a survey if they are willing to pay an annual health premium or face service cuts.

Premier Brian Pallister was blunt calling the idea a tax increase.

The Premier said without the new fee service cuts to health are inevitable because of federal funding issues.

“The fact of the matter is that we are anticipating some major reductions… from the federal government and we have a rising health care bill, our population is aging,” Pallister said.

Reaction to the idea was swift. The NDP opposition calls the potential new fee plan disgusting.

“It’s essentially holding a gun to Manitobans heads and telling them to choose which they want and I think that's absolutely terrible,” said NDP health critic Matt Wiebe

In B.C. and Ontario individuals pay a premium between $0 and 900 dollars per year depending on their income.