Mayor Brian Bowman says he is supporting a motion for True North to hand over cash for affordable housing.

Bowman also says the province and True North is aware of this, calling the company a strong corporate citizen.

The province has agreed to tax rebates for True North Square and city council is considering a similar plan.

The proposals do not require an affordable housing component, like similar programs have in the past.

Cindy Gilroy and Jenny Gerbasi want True North Square Inc. to hand over cash equal to 10 per cent of the residential property taxes for five years for affordable housing in Winnipeg.

On Thursday afternoon, Jim Ludlow, president, True North Real Estate Development, said they are open to providing such a grant.

"We heard, understood the issues out there about affordable housing," he said.

"In the end, something that we support," Ludlow said. "Because in the end we think it supports a better downtown," he said, referencing concerns over safety in the area.

"I would commend the mayor, commend councillor Gilroy and council for sharing the vision we have for improving downtown Winnipeg."