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Member of Winnipeg Police Board resigning

The Winnipeg Police Headquarters seen in a file image (Source; CTV News Winnipeg) The Winnipeg Police Headquarters seen in a file image (Source; CTV News Winnipeg)

A member of the police board is resigning, and a motion brought forward Wednesday about the resignation is being rewritten, Winnipeg’s mayor confirms.

During Wednesday’s executive policy committee meeting, members unanimously passed a motion calling for Kyle Mason’s membership with the Winnipeg Police Board to be revoked.

Mason told CTV News Winnipeg on Wednesday he was ticketed in the winter for inadvertently driving without insurance. He said it was technically an ethics code violation, and after some consideration, he made the decision to resign a few weeks ago.

However, the motion presented at the meeting and viewed by CTV News Winnipeg, states Mason “breached the Code of Ethical Conduct,” but did not reveal any details about what the alleged breach was and when it occurred.

On Thursday, Mayor Scott Gillingham confirmed the wording of the motion would be changed to acknowledge that Mason resigned.

“We want the motion to reflect the formal resignation that was put in,” he said. “The information I have today is updated, and I’ll make sure that when the motion gets to council, it is amended and reflects the fact Mr. Mason has resigned.”

Mason would be replaced for the rest of his term by Colleen Mayer, who would also become vice-chair of the board.

According to his biography on the board’s website, Mason founded the North End Family Centre, and works as a speaker and consultant on Indigenous issues. Top Stories


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