Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew has been re-elected in the constituency of Fort Rouge.

The seat south of downtown Winnipeg has long been an NDP stronghold.

Green party Leader James Beddome, who lives in the area, was trying to topple Kinew.

Beddome has run unsuccessfully five times -- each time in a different constituency.

Kinew says his party will be the conscience and the progressive voice of the province.

He says the gains his party made in seats over the 2016 vote show people care about the health-care system and they want the Progressive Conservative government to do better.

The NDP is on track to win 18 seats, four more than they won in the last provincial election.

Kinew joked that his concession phone call to Premier Brian Pallister was local.

Pallister has faced criticism for the amount of time he spends at his vacation home in Costa Rica.