CTV News has learned the Pallister government will loosen the province’s cosmetic pesticide ban.

In a statement, Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox said the majority of submissions during a public consultation last summer expressed dissatisfaction with the current regulations.

“Based on this feedback, we will develop a framework based in practicality that provides clarification for both application restrictions and retail distribution,” the statement said.

Manitoba's cosmetic pesticide ban prevents municipalities and homeowners from using certain types of chemicals to treat lawns.

The previous NDP government brought the ban into effect in 2015.

It forced lawn companies to stop using weed control chemicals like Par III and switch to a far more expensive, eco-friendly product called Fiesta.

"Anybody who's on a budget, obviously, those are the customers we definitely lost as a result. It just became too expensive,” said Tim Muys with Green Blade Lawn Care.

However, Justin Quigley with Green Action Centre said he believes in the ban.

"We are hoping that it could be strengthened, rather than loosened,” he said.

Quigley said the current ban addressed health concerns from spraying cosmetic pesticides on lawns.

Muys, meanwhile, said companies like his can ensure pesticides are applied safety. Even if the ban is changed, he said there are eco-friendly options available.

"There's no question, there's going to be an option for you. It will come with a slightly higher price of course,” he said.