The Winnipeg Police Service has released a list of photo radar locations after a complaint was made to the province’s ombudsman.

A report by Ombudsman Charlene Paquin said a request was made under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act to the Winnipeg Police Service to access a list of all mobile photo radar locations, as well as records for enforced construction zones since the beginning of photo enforcement.

According to Paquin’s report, the WPS initially said it didn’t have access because the records were maintained by a third party.

A complaint was then filed with the ombudsman, who concluded the records were still in the control of the WPS. The ombudsman said she had advised Winnipeg police of this in a previous complaint.

WPS then issued a revised decision, giving access to the requested information with some omitted, saying it fell under a clause allowing them to deny releasing information because it could endanger the life or safety of law enforcement officers.

However, the complainant wanted the investigation continued. The ombudsman found that the WPS failed to establish the exception for most of the information omitted from the record. Paquin said she found the exception applied to information on mobile photo radar on private properties. It recommended the release of the remaining information.