A flight from Winnipeg to Minneapolis had to make an emergency landing at the Winnipeg airport because of smoke that started filling the cockpit shortly after takeoff.

Skywest flight 4476, operating as a Delta connection, left Winnipeg with 45 passengers on board at 1:01 p.m. It landed again at 1:21 p.m.

No injuries have been reported and the plane landed safely, said Hazel Sainsbury, a spokesperson for the Winnipeg Airport Authority.

Mechanics determined the smoke was caused by de-iceing fluid that had gotten into the aft equipment bay, Sainsbury said.

Passengers were taken to the US passenger lounge. Skywest flight 4476 was cancelled and all passengers were accommodated on other flights, Sainsbury said.

Joyce Douglas was on the flight. She said the incident gave her quite a fright.

"Everyone was very calm and then we flew back and it was about 25 minutes, and as we landed, that's when we saw all the fire  trucks, and that's when we relzaed something kinda scary was happening," she told CTV via phone from the passneger lounge.

Douglas missed her connecting flights as a result of the incident.