WINNIPEG -- An eight-foot-long snake is no longer on the lam.

The snake, missing for almost two days, was found about 200 metres from where it was first spotted on Ebby Avenue over the weekend.

Mike Moroz, who lives on Ebby Avenue with his two dogs and three cats, was in disbelief when his neighbour told him a snake was in the neighbourhood.

On Saturday, the Winnipeg Police Service tweeted a large white eight-foot snake was spotted in the Fort Rouge area.

Moroz was concerned about pets in the area coming into contact with the reptile.

"I do have the two dogs that I do walk, and there's like cats and rabbits in the neighbourhood that don't deserve to die because a snake is out," said Moroz.

This is not the first time a snake has been on the loose in Winnipeg.

Last year an African ball python was seen roaming the streets near the University of Manitoba. That snake was never found.

City of Winnipeg Animal Services sent out several teams over the weekend to search for the Ebby Avenue snake, but had no luck.

"A stray dog or a stray cat you see it, you're well aware of it. If it's a snake, it can be hiding in the grass, it could be hiding underneath a porch, it could be anywhere," said Leland Gordon, general manager of Animal Services for the City of Winnipeg.

Gordon doesn't believe snakes are good house pets.

World Animal Protection says snakes are wild animals that don't belong in captivity.

"What happens is that these animals, they live for 20 years sometimes in this very small tank, where they can't engage in their natural behaviours, and that's something they need to do to be happy and healthy," said Michèle Hamers, wildlife campaign manager with World Animal Protection.

Monday afternoon’s search concluded with Winnipeg police officers safely located the snake in the 600 block of Pembina Highway, close to Ebby Avenue.

It is still unknown who the snake belongs to.

Winnipeg police said officers found the white snake on Monday in the 600 block of Pembina Highway. The snake has since been turned over to the Animal Services Agency.

The snake had been on the loose in Winnipeg over the weekend, after it was spotted in the 600 block of Ebby Avenue on Saturday.