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Rescue housing 11 litters of kittens after unseasonal surge in calls


A local kitten adoption agency is calling on the public to help deal with an unseasonal influx in furry residents.

Winnipeg Kitten Adoption is currently caring for 65 kittens under six weeks old. That equates to 11 litters and their mothers.

Assistant director Jennifer Kasprick says the surge is unusual for this time of year, and is likely due to the unseasonably warm winter.

“I’m actually wondering if we’re going to have two kitten seasons this year just because of the abnormally warm January, because we usually don’t have this influx of kittens until about June, end of May.”

The non-profit rescue is currently going through about 200 cans of wet food a day, plus dry food.

It’s surviving through fundraising and donations, but needs help to keep its hungry litters fed and housed. Many of the kittens, which are currently being fostered, are looking for permanent homes.

Adopting a kitten requires a $160 adoption fee, which includes its first two vaccines, an identification tattoo, spay and neutering, deworming, and a vet check-up. They are typically rehomed at eight weeks old.

If folks aren’t able to offer that, they can donate through the rescue’s website.

“Just over the weekend, we went through over $4,200 in emergency vetting, so we have a lot right now.” Top Stories

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