A Winnipeg man is warning people about an online scam he fell victim to last week.

Dennis Mazur, 67, said it all started with an ad on Facebook from what seemed to be a familiar company.

He soon learned it was something completely different.

What he thought he saw was an offer for free Costco samples delivered to his door each month for under $10.

Mazur has been shopping at Costco in Winnipeg since it first opened in the early 1980's so he thought, “why not?"

“I tell you I haven't slept since Friday," Mazur said, describing what happened after he signed up to receive the offer with his credit card.

After receiving three sample beauty items that cost him nearly $650, Mazur soon learned he’d become a victim of a scam that had nothing to do with Costco.

Mazur explained he phoned his credit card company right away, "I said I only gave my information to Costco. They said, ‘well sir you might think you gave it to Costco but they're not Costco’."

It's a scam that has victimized others in Canada, prompting the company to warn customers on its website.

A statement on Costco.ca reads:

"Costco does not ask for money to ship you samples. We also do not ask you to provide your personal information online, except through our official website."

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Agency the same scam has also impersonated other major department stores.

"When the only way of paying for this ‘minimal fee’ is by a major credit card, what that screams at you is they plan on charging you more," said fraud investigator Daniel Williams.

He said in most cases in which these scams have been reported, the individual is able to recover at least some of what is lost.

"We want people to kick up a fuss when they have been taken advantage of. Do not write it off as a learning experience," Williams added.

Mazur said he's filed complaints to Winnipeg Police Service and his credit card company.

He said he can't afford not to get this money back, especially with the holidays approaching.

"You get dinged over $600, that could buy a lot of kids Christmas gifts," he added.