In the middle of Katie Wishnowski's  criminal justice night class, an actual crime unfolded.

"I was like scared, I was like frozen," said Wishnowski, a U of W student.

Winnipeg police say a 28-year-old man attempted to steal a laptop from a 19-year-old man sitting at a table on campus.

"He wasn't a student so we don't know what his purpose was there other than looking to rob somebody at the time," said Constable Tammy Skrabek.

The victim wouldn't let go of his computer. Police say the suspect then pulled a knife, stole the man's cell phone instead and took off. The victim ended up with a minor stab wound in his upper body and went for help.

"Out of no where this guy just burst into the room he's like I just got robbed like can someone help me," said Katie Wishnowski.

A group of people who witnessed the assault confronted the suspect outside, that's when police say a second man was stabbed in the mid-section.

Wishnowski says this highlights the safety concerns she and other students worry about on campus, especially at night.

"I feel vulnerable because there's no protection anyone can come in, anyone can go out." said Wishnowski.

In the wake of the stabbings the university's senior executive officer Chris Minaker says they're beefing up security.

"It means money, it means patrols and it means additional resources," said Minaker.

Minaker says more security patrols are being added as of Monday. He says several longer term options are also being considered, including swipe card access for students and staff.

"It's always a concern when anything happens on campus, close to campus, the safety and security of our students and staff is a top priority," said Minaker.

Police say the Air-1 helicopter helped track and catch a suspect.

28 year-old Justin Henderson is charged with multiple offences including robbery and assault with a weapon.

The first victim was treated on scene and released. The second victim went to hospital and has also been released.