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CTV News Winnipeg Skywatch Weather Blog - Sunday, March 7, 2021

We're still weeks away from the official start of spring but you wouldn't know it heading outside today. Wonderfully warm weather persists in the Winnipeg region with temperatures hovering around 7C for most of the day, with the potential to reach double-digit figures. Usually, at this time of year, we'd be hitting highs of -3C, which is what our nighttime low will be!

Clouds will cover up the sun for most of the day and into the evening. You can expect somewhat strong winds coming in from the south this morning then the northwest later in the day, gusting to speeds as high as 50km/hr.

But those clouds are expected part tomorrow, clearing up for a sunny Monday with an expected high of 11C. It could make for a record-breaking day, as the highest recorded temperature for March 8 is currently 5.2C, set in 1977.

-Michael D'Alimonte

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