WINNIPEG -- The first day of spring 2021 came in with a roar, but in a good way, with Winnipeg breaking a 143-year-old temperature record.

The city experienced a high of 17.3 C, breaking the previous of record of 13.9 C set in 1878, according to Environment and Climate Change Canada.Records for the city only go back to 1872.

Winnipeg was not alone in its relative heat wave, with many areas experiencing above average temperatures.

Portage la Prairie with its high of 18.1 C beat the old 1889 record of 17.2 C.

Morden and Carman both beat 1910 records with temperatures of 18 C and 18.3 C respectively.

Manitoba’s north wasn’t left out with Thompson and Gillam both breaking heat records, although temperatures there weren’t quite so balmy.

Gillam’s 9.9 C was the warmest March 20 since 1987, and Thompson was a little warmer at 12.8 C.