Changes in the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service are underway following a sex scandal at a local fire hall.

The city has announced it will move a district fire chief to the Osborne Village fire hall.

A few weeks ago a senior firefighter on duty at the Osborne Village station was found to have had relations with a woman in a shed behind the fire hall. The firefighter said the two kissed, while the woman said they had sex. The firefighter was demoted, suspended and moved to another station.

The city says the decision to move a district chief to the Osborne location is geared towards having someone there in a mentorship role.

A paramedic unit at the same station will also be moved out. Unions for both the firefighters and the paramedics say the relocating is not due to past tensions between the two groups. The city says the move is due to limited room for trucks at the station.

- from a report from CTV's Karen Rocznik